Top 8 most preferred SEO tools available for free

Google page speed Insights

Well, it is one of the SEO tools available for free and it works differently on different devices. This is a test run by Google that finds out the loading speed of your URL and helps you to improve it by the time. It tells different readings of computer browsers and mobile browser’s time of loading your URL.

Keyword tool

Keyword tool is very important SEO tool that provides the trending and related keywords that you write articles about. And on this keyword is based your whole website because as perfectly you have used these keywords in your URL’s and articles more chances of getting on the first search page of the Google. Google webmasters tools This is a tool that tells you about the search browsers thinking. It tells you what does most used browsers say about your website. If your website is good according to the webmaster tool, then you have more chances of getting high traffic on your website.

Discover the autofill

Google it self-tells you about the searches of people and what the mostly search. If you type anything in the search box of Google, then you will see a list below that is related to your writing. It will be telling you about the prediction that you might go to search or write next. That is one of the most helpful SEO tools available for free. Find broken links This SEO tools help you to check the links you have added on your website. It checks all the internal and external links that are added and tell you about the damaged links that needed to be fixed.

Copy scape

The content on your website must be different from other websites and to check that think this tool helps a lot. You can copy the content in a box and check where this material is present on the internet. If it would be copied from somewhere, Copy scape will tell you the link to the other site with the detail of the content, and you would be able to check and change it by time.

Moz toolbar

It is also one of the greatest SEO tools (by SEO company []) available for free, and it helps you to see all the SEO Insights of the website as you search it. It is a toolbar that once installed it will show you insights on the result page of the Google. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit This toolkit combines different tools into one kit, and it can analyze the content of your site and also suggest to how to improve the contents of your website and make them more SEO friendly. It works only on windows as it is provided by Microsoft. Apple users would not be able to use this toolkit, and they might have to find other ways to improve their site.  

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