The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is a Solid Android Offering for Sprint

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch, like its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S II, is a powerful phone that packs a serious punch, but there isn’t a great deal that sets it apart from the myriad of other high definition, touchscreen, cell phone options that have inundated the market in the last 6 months. The phone has a number of great points. The screen is bright and large and allows a really nice video and reading experience. The text looks a touch larger on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch than other phones on the market; which should make any ophthalmologist happy. The phone itself is fast and opening the browser and accessing apps is lightening quick. With a 1.2ghz, dual-core processor it should be. Even the voice command options on this Samsung are well-tuned, with words like “browser” opening up the web browser without much effort. The call quality is decent, and frankly Sprint’s network, regardless of complaints, doesn’t really cause any problems. The camera on this Samsung is solid with an 8-megapixel offering with LED flash. It takes nice shots and a 2-megapixel camera on the front allows for video calling. While there is a lot of good to this phone there is a fair amount of bad as well. The phone doesn’t really look like the super-expensive handset that it is. The styling feels a bit flimsy and cheap in the hand and the plastic backing doesn’t make grip particularly easy. The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is also a monster in terms of size. The phone is thin and light, but it’s tall and wide making it difficult to hold onto and the grip can be awkward when against the ear. The Samsung overlay of android is also unfavorable. HTC simply does a better job at customizing the Android OS. The phone also has a pathetic, at best, battery life. You’ll be lucky to pull 5 solid hours on this device. Overall the Samsung Epic 4G Touch is a nice device with a great screen and lightening quick speeds, but there are just some things that send it crashing down from fantastic to mediocre. The battery life would be the biggest gripe. It is a cellphone, and while it has PC- like qualities, you shouldn’t be pulling laptop battery life on it. The battery life would have to be the deal breaker on this phone, but if you are happy to plug a phone in every few hours, or if you spend a vast amount of time in a car where you can plug a car charger in it may not be a problem, but if you are an on the go person who doesn’t have access to a charging source the phone will quickly lose its luster.

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