The Best Techniques To Find High Quality Blogs To Guest Post On For Your SEO Campaign

Guest Posting is one of the most effective strategies commonly used to promote sites through an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. This is a great way for people to generate traffic or visitors to their sites effectively. There are many people who do not use this technique in the correct way. Most of them try to send out thousands of guest posts every single day. They usually use automated software to blast spammy guest posts to thousands of websites. Most of the time, this action does not work effectively to promote sites. If the guest posting technique is used properly, it can attract high quality visitors to the promoted sites easily. Another reason why guest posting is preferable is because this technique can improve your sites’ ranking in the search engines. However, most people do not know how to search for high quality blogs. They believe that it is impossible to find blogs to do guest posting techniques manually. In this article, we will discuss some excellent guest posting techniques to help you promote your sites in the right way. Query String Technique This method is the best way to start finding high quality blogs in order to get your posts published. Try to find relevant guest posting blogs by typing certain query strings in Google. This step is necessary to find relevant blogs which accept guest posts. The most effective query strings involve the ones like: “write for us”, “contribute”, and “guest post”. Always be creative when trying to do this step. People usually try many different variations in order to find the best relevant blogs for them which are also related to their niche. The “My guest post” social media technique Another great technique is by using twitter. This is one of the best techniques in order to find high quality and relevant blogs that accept guest posts. Visit twitter and search “my guest post” in the search bar. This method is effective to find thousands of people who have posted guest posts on other websites. Another benefit of using this technique is the ability to find high quality blogs that are usually used by most professional online marketers on the internet. Professional online marketers usually use social media as one of their marketing tools to promote their websites. The competitor technique This method can be done by using some powerful SEO tools, such as Majestic SEO in order to analyse the competitors’ links. By looking at the competitors’ links, people are able to find high quality blogs used by their competitors to guest post. This tool can also be referred to as competitor link mapping. The reason why many people use this technique is because they can mirror what their competitors are doing and also approach other blogs which they may have found themselves. There are many strategies which you can find in order to find guest posting opportunities. The three discussed in this article are highly effective tools which will not only help you find the opportunities but also help your sites rank well in the search engines.

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