iPhone Coming In June According To Andy Zaky

It seems that the general consensus is that Apple will be delivering the iPhone 4S in September and that the iPhone 5 will be delivered in 2012. That is except for Andy Zacky, who believes that the iPhone 5 might be arriving in June of this year and his analysis is at odds with a majority of people in the industry. That does not mean that he is incorrect, just that he does not agree with the majority of people. So, just who is Andy Zaky? Andy Zaky is someone who looks at the financials that are released by companies and tries to determine what may be happening with a company. He is the editor of Bullish Cross, along with being Fortune and Seeking Alpha contributor. He focuses on Apple and is often quoted for his comments. In this situation, he is looking at the most recent quarter and interpreting the projected operating expenses of $2.5 billion to mean that iPhone will be released in June of this year and he is in the minority. The article does lay out a compelling reason for why the iPhone might come out in June. While many might say that he is not getting it right, I would go back to the iPad 2 which was released in March. Right up until a few days before it was released, there were numerous people saying that the next iPad would not come out until June. Apple seems to have a way of deflecting the rumors to fit their needs and make everyone believe that the products are not coming out and then they do. With Apple, who really knows when the next generation iPhone will be coming out and there are many people talking about it. Apple is the only one that knows and they are not talking. Now, Andy Zaky has put forth a fairly compelling reasoning for why he believes that the next iPhone will be here is June. He is pointing to the operating expenses and points out that large increases always are tied to some large product launch that they are having. By increasing the operating expenses in what some consider to be normally a slow quarter for Apple, there is some product launch that will be coming. At this point, the rumors will continue until Apple makes an announcement. There are some who are saying that the iPhone 5 will not be coming in June because the developers will not have the information necessary to make changes for the iPhone 5 iOS for their apps. There is nothing to stop Apple from providing that and as usual with Apple, they are providing very little information which is pretty much normal. We are not that far away, so in a few weeks exactly what Apple has planned for the next iPhone and what it might be should be known.

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