How to Save Money on Cruising?

While a sea cruise might be cheaper than flying to a destination, renting transportation, and paying for all your meals, the cost of these cruises can quickly add up. The trick to saving big money on cruises is to shop smart and make the most out of the deals and discounts cruise lines and related industries, like mini cruises, have to offer. With a little savvy saving on board and some pre-planning while still on land, you can have a blast on your next floating holiday. Your next ocean cruise could be the best vacation you have had as long as you following the guidelines below. 1. Book early. By booking in advance, just like you would a plane ticket, you can take into account your expenses much sooner. Also, the earlier you book the more likely you would be to get a cheaper price. Cruise lines ships love to fill up early. Occasionally, you can get a last minute deal if you book late, but do so at your own risk. 2. Ask about current and future discounts. The best way to get a discount is to ask. Ask your travel agent or cruise line if any discount opportunities will exist in the future. You should also be aware of booking excursions and activities in advance. 3. Utilize the ship and its perks. If you are in port you should try and make it back to the ship for lunch and eat breakfast before you go. You have paid for any and all meals while on board, you might as well save yourself $20 by dining at sea. 4. Bring your own wine. While some ships may be intolerant of other alcohol on board, wine is acceptable. It may depend on the cruise line, but most ships and cruises allow you to bring one bottle of wine per person. You can drink it in your stateroom of course, but also in the dining room for a small “uncorking fee.” 5. Budget ahead. Plan for any and all expenses ahead of time. Think about the amount you will spend on soda, alcohol, the casino, and gratuity. You have the option of a soda card that will offer you unlimited soda, but that is roughly $60. Remember that most of the things you can buy on board are going to be much more expensive than if you were to buy them before you leave. For instance, designated one person in your party to bring things like Dramamine, batteries, and sunscreen. 6. Keep yourself unplugged. Ship to shore communications are very expensive since they run from a satellite. Cell phone usage on international islands will also run up your bill. You do have the luxury of an internet café, but at a cost. Keep yourself unplugged during your trip and enjoy your cruise. 7. Be aware of tourist areas. The shopping experts may not get paid by the cruise ships, but they might get a commission from the shops they recommend. Try traveling a little further away from where the ship docs for your souvenir purchases. While this still might be a cheaper way of spending a vacation, remember that nothing is free. Every passenger is a source of profit.

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