How to restore iPhone, restore settings using iTunes

If you are an Apple fan and for some reason, you want to sell it, the first step is to erase all data on your computer to avoid leaking your personal information. To other users. Resetting the factory settings on your iPhone is quite simple, as long as you remember the Passcode password. But in case you can not open the iPhone because you have entered the wrong Passcode multiple times or forgot the Passcode, use the iPhone recovery method with iTunes. This is also the way you will need to take if the iPhone has a significant problem to return the device to its original state as when it was released. For example, software errors, iPhone crashes, slow computer, virus, or error codes (most common are 3194, 4013, 4014, 9, and 51). In cases like this, you also need to restore the iPhone on iTunes. In this article, will guide you on how to restore settings on iPhone, restore iPhone with iTunes straightforward – quickly – effectively and safely.

Note before Restore iPhone

Make some corrections to the Restore process. Most users often confuse and use the two concepts of reset and restore the iPhone, but these are different processes. However, it will all reinstall your device from the beginning, so all will be used to restore the iPhone to the state as the new device. See also: Reset iPhone, Restore iPhone different? Before you intend to perform an iPhone reset, restore, the first thing you need to do is to Backup the data on the device if you do not want to completely lose photos, videos, contacts, calendars, personal information … You can backup data by the following two common ways: Backup iPhone data with iCloud Backup iPhone data with iTunes Also, use other cloud tools like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive … backup in many places to keep the data safe. Note to remember the iCloud account because when restarting the computer requires re-entering the existing iCloud account before resetting the device to be able to recover data. Now let’s get started! Restore, Restore iPhone to factory status using iTunes Method 1: Restore iPhone online Restoring iPhone online means that you will let iTunes automatically connect and download the latest Firmware from the Server, so your iPhone will have the latest iOS operating system installed. To use this method, your computer needs an internet connection and a stable network speed for the software to download. Step 1: Download and install iTunes on your computer. Step 2: Launch the newly installed iTunes, connect iPhone to the computer that has iTunes installed via the USB port cable. Step 3: Next, at the iTunes interface, click on the device icon near the top left of the window. Step 4: Remember to back up the data as noted above, then click on Restore iPhone (Restore iPhone). If you receive a notice that you need to turn off Find My iPhone, you have to go to Settings on your iPhone to turn it off. Go to Settings> Account Name> iCloud> Find iPhone> Off. Done then can recover. Step 5: A message reminding you if you want to Backup your data will be given. If it is already backed up, click No Backup, and if not, select Backup. Step 6: Next, because restoring the iPhone is a very important process, directly affecting the device and data, iTunes continues to send you a notification that you are sure you want to restore. Click on Restore and Update to continue. Step 7: At this step, the system will give some information about the latest operating system you are about to update after restore, click Next. Some instructions, click Agree. At this point, iTunes will start downloading the latest operating system for you and automatically restore it to the factory state. Speed ​​depends on the quality of your computer and network connection. That’s all! Method 2: Restore iPhone offline In addition to the online restore for iTunes automatically downloaded as above, you can also download the Firmware beforehand to restore the installation always. The advantage of this approach is that you can choose the updates you like, without having to use the highest version (like the online way). Download Firmware at After the download is complete, perform the installation, connection, and access steps in the same way as 1. However, instead of always clicking on Restore iPhone, hold down the Shift key, and select Restore iPhone. In the next interface, iTunes will open the folder window to find the file to install restore, navigate to the location of the Firmware downloaded, and click Open to open. After that, you will get a message confirming whether you want to restore your device or not, and press Restore to continue. Now iTunes will automatically restore your iPhone based on the selected file. You wait until the process is completed and then reset your iPhone is done. Once completed, choose to Install iPhone as a new device or restore previously backed up data saved on the computer that has iTunes open and to restore and restore data. Note: You should upgrade iTunes to the latest version to avoid errors during restore factory settings. To update a new version, in the main interface, select Check for updates. In addition, there are several methods that can restore iPhone without using iTunes. You can refer to How to restore iPhone, restore data without iTunes. Hopefully, the above information will help you restore settings to bring your phone to its original state. If you are unsure about which step, comment below the article to talk to   Good luck!

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