How To Get Free traffic from Youtube

YouTube gets crazy traffic. We’re talking hundreds of millions of page views. For marketers, the challenge has always been how to get a slice of this traffic and do it within the rules of YouTube. This means no comment spam or obvious spam links. Regardless, it’s obvious people are still running comment spam bots–betting on the pure statistical possibility that a huge amount of comment spam can yield some decent paste in traffic. Video Comment spam The most obvious ways to advertise on YouTube won’t yield much results. Links aren’t clickable when you post them in the comments section and besides, spam links look out of place. Spam comments are usually dealt with through the SPAM link. Video annotations If you decide to go one step further and put annotations in your video, your links can only go to your channel page. Here’s how to create annotations in videos: Push your Channel or Video Hard The only allowable area where you can put links is your video’s description and your video channel. For a good example of a video channel with clickable links, check out Obviously, the best way to get people to your channel or your video is to create high quality content that people would want to view. Previously, it was reported that webmasters can play a “PUMP AND CHUMP” strategy: use proxy-powered bots to pump up the views of videos that have a link in the description and Youtube’s old “popular now” system would show the videos in the front page. Real users will then see the videos and pump up the stats even more and more people see the video (and the link). YouTube put an end to this by changing how front page videos appear. Profile Comment Advertising As I mentioned above, the only two areas that clickable links can appear are in the video description (right side) and in the user’s individual channel. There is a third area–when commenting on a channel or on an individual video, the user name is clickable to the user’s channel. Channel clicks and video description links can click OUT of youtube. So, the trend is to comment in a way that gets a lot of drama (semi-trolling) and user profile clicks. This is an art–you can’t post outrageously or you’ll get marked as spam or your comment buried with thumbs down. The other approach is to use a very appealing image as your avatar. Use an image that gets clicks (but avoid copyright issues). Video viewers click and go to your channel. Your channel can have links that link to sites outside of YouTube. Key tips to keep in mind Always be aware of and follow the Terms Of Service when marketing on Youtube. Hint: if in doubt, focus on creating and sharing CONTENT. Use real and useful content on your channel Use appealing graphics Comment/Post with useful info or in such a way that gets clicks To maximize your ROI: Make sure your links and the channels you target match your niche/content or product category Target video channels or videos that get a lot of traffic: high traffic videos’ comments sink too fast due to volume–try the slower moving comment section for the channel for the poster of the video High value and responsible “tubing” is the key to Youtube traffic success

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