Happy new year 2017 wishes to boyfriend – Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year 2017 wishes to boyfriend – Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year 2017 wishes to boyfriend

Happy new year 2017 wishes to boyfriend – The clock hands meet together, the dimmy chilled night awakes from the blanket with the sound of bursting crackers, everybody is welcoming the new year with their near and the dear ones but in the deepest part of your mind a shrill cry rings hard, your loved one is not nearby, with a sudden hurry you take out your cell phone and type a new year wish to your boyfriend. You are still missing him though a beautiful wish full with loveliness and fragrance of love has gone to him. He will surely see it soon and call you back. This trend is common among all of us where festivity gets mingled with emotion and let the love sing more melodiously.

Origin Of The New Year Celebration:

But here you should know that wishing our beloved ones on the eve of the New Year is not a modern phenomenon rather its history goes back to the ancient ages. The earliest evidence of celebrating the new year is found in the Mesopotamian civilization during 2000 B.C. The Mesopotamians were found to celebrate their new year around the vernal equinox. Thus their calendar comprises of ten months and begins with March. It means that in ancient time the new year was celebrated on March. Only it was for the very first time the city of Rome witnessed the celebration of new year in January around 153 B.C.

About The Royal Decree by Julius Ceaser and Julian Calendar:

But again in 46 B.C. Julius Ceaser launched a totally new solar-based calendar and by the decree made by Ceaser the 1st January was made an official date for the new year. Though during medieval period as the medieval rulers decided to go against every Christian means, they didn’t spare the new year apart. By 557 A.D. 1st January’s status as the new year had been abolished and 25th December had been chosen to be celebrated as the new year.

The Modern Phenomena With The Emergence Of Gregorian Calendar:

In 1582 with the coming of Gregorian calendar again the 1st January’s previous status was restored as the New year’s day. So The New Year’s Day is a special day to all of us and it is to be considered that a special day always becomes useless and boring if your special person can’t be with you. But all we have to do is to go with the reality and you are no exception. So the single alternative left to you is to wish for him either by texting or by sending cards.

Some Sweet Ways to Wish Your Boy Friend This Year:

If you want to wish your boyfriend in a special way, then now you are offered with too many options. There are several websites whereby uploading your photos with your boyfriend you may make a special New Year video easily.  Apart from this, you may wish him by quoting New Year romantic songs. Last but not the least, you may also make cards for him because old is the gold. Though those sweet days are lost when all had to hide the handmade New Year cards given by girlfriend in order to resist the probability to get caught by mom.  So your handmade card will always be the best Happy New Year 2017 wishes to your boyfriend.


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