Educational contexts: parents, teachers and teens

Education must be shared by parents and teachers. Parents often are orphaned when educating their children. Parents expect schools, teachers, especially, will lend a hand when it comes to educating their children on issues such as sex education, environmental education in values. Parent-teacher L It is normal for teachers will collaborate in the areas listed above, but not only teacher’s work. Parents should think that they are the first to have an obligation to educate them as people. Teachers should think his educational work should not only impart knowledge. The parent-teacher in these more personal matters of education should be paramount. Teachers should not assume as a burden but as a pleasant task, having to talk to students of good or bad behavior in society, refer to the drug problem in tutorials with adolencentes, the explain the importance of preserving the environment. It is a part of the educational task. It will never be a burden. The relationship between parents and teachers who are teaching their children is the basis of a comprehensive education. For there is one, should be constant communication. Not to be limited to one hour a week. Parents are required to present their problems to the guardian or any of the teachers in their teens. Rating teachers In a rural environment the teacher was very much appreciated by the families. Currently, the situation is changing. As in the cities, teachers are living a situation of misunderstanding. The administration, on the other hand, does not value education enough. There is only the latest cuts observe in education, applied by the government of Mr. Rajoy. Politicians think that education is a waste them, cuandon should think that education is not an expense but an investment for the country’s future. In the meetings that teachers have with parents, they take the opportunity to voice their complaints about the educational work, the qualifications they consider unfair, for the treatment of his son, who consider it unfair. For this relationship to change, parents should change their rating of teachers. They must understand that the school can not educate their children completely if there is no work of the father in advance. Today’s society and education Classrooms are a reflection of society. If the company fails in some respects, this is reflected in the classes. Today sees the breakdown of the family in many cases. There are students who are lost in the classroom because of this. There are students whose parents ignores their education. This is reflected in class. These students are puzzled and show a lack of continuing interest. Politicians have been unable to think of an education law applies to all. Each change of government has brought a change in education and has often been worse. Young teachers show less and less a vocation for his work. This is also a handicap for the Advancement of Teaching. Students generally have a natural interest in learning new things. His lack of interest is more in the circumstances themselves.

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