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Grand Theft Auto V Is Now Available for Free on Your iPhone

Due to its addicting and successful gameplay, Grand Theft Auto V has grown into a huge video game brand. This was not always the case, though. Thousands of fans have yet to get this highly anticipated release.

Running 4 Your Life

I recently read…”Life is a privilege, but to live life to its fullest…that is a choice.” This past weekend, Mark and I made a trip home to Shreveport, where we both grew up. I truly marvel that I

The Jank Tank: Yoggalia Control – Welcome to Twisted Gaming

The Jank Tank #2: Yoggalia Control Greetings to all of you eldritch followers! This time on The Jank Tank™ we shall be taking a peek at how one of our Lovecraftian overlords works in a non traditional style.

BDP-S780 Fast Overview – Sony’s Flagship Blu-Ray DVD Participant

The Amedure-Schmitz instance illumined sensationalism and drama – 2 constituents of amusement – siphoned many spheres of the culture, be it that the law, media, or private relationships. Discuss two great things in 1 breath, and we