8 Blogging tips that will boost your website

Hello bloggers, today i’m giving some great tips for new and old bloggers who have been out there trying to get some traffic to their websites. Especially if you blog about common niches, such as lifestyle, beauty or fashion… it can be a very competitive market for start-ups. 1 – Keep it your part time job If you have a career somewhere, and your still have time to blog, don’t let it take over your personal or business life. Blogging more than 3 times per week can get you to burn out and affect your life balence. As long as your blogging income cannot afford you a living, it can be little risky to depend on it. 2 – use the pareto law in your writing/promoting these two are both of critical importance to your blog. If you write outstanding articles, you’ll have to promote for them to reach people. But you can’t promote for low quality articles. That’s why I strongly recommand using the pareto law for blogging. It means that you have to put only 20% of your time to write your articles, and 80% to improve and promote your blogging website. 3 – Invest in traffic After your blog is full of articles, you need to reach out readers. make some effort on social media, because it can come with great results. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook… All together can be better sometimes. Just make it well organized and don’t use it only for a short defined time per day. 4 – Get it monetized Some people don’t like to monetize their blog, with all the ads it comes with and the pop up windows. But you need to pick good allies for your website. Google adsense as example, it comes with clean and personalized ads, your customers won’t mind having some related ads on the side of your articles. 5 – Sign up to an affiliate marketing Programs It can be the best way to take off with your blog to a new level. Affiliate programs comes with high profitability and success. You customers would love to hear product recommandations from you. Buy the y you promote and give them an idea about them. Create lists and comapare with identical items. Let them know everything you think of and give them your Links. Get a percentage of the profit on each client who bought the product. 6 – Build an email list and make it automated Code it, Build it, Grow it, And let it out. E-mails will get you to a more professional level. Add your ”sign up” box and on your website. and make a page of ”Thank you for signing up” with social media follow button. It can come with huge growth to you online profile. 7 – Attract Brands to work closely with you It’s a normal thing to start small,but you should work on your way up to the massive brands. Always leave the contact tab on your website and social media pages in case there is a company interested to work with you. Someday you’ll be suprised with an email from your favorite brand. 8 – Be a doer One final tip I could give, is that you should be a Doer. If you have a blog idea, don’t sleep tonight until you set up a blog about it. there is plenty of tools to help you almost in everything. If you have a capital for it. You can hire writers or team up with friends. The action will always keep you motivated to do more and more everyday. I hope these tips are helpful enough to make a difference in your blogging activities. If you have any further suggestions, we’ll be pleased to see your comment

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